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    How Can I Create a Project?

    How Can I Create a Project?

    Created: 10/27/2020 3:14 AM - Updated: 10/27/2020 3:46 AM

    To create a new open project a you need to follow the below steps: 

    1. Login into the client panel and go to the ‘All Projects’ sub-menu under the ‘Project’ menu. 

    2.. The client will be able to create an open project provided that he has not exceeded the limit of creating open projects mentioned by the package that he purchased.

    3.  In there, the client will find the ‘Add New Project’ button at the top right side of that page and click on it.

    4. Then the client will get a form to fill up.

    5. The client needs to fill up that form with project name, type, category, description,skills needed to accomplish the project etc and click on the ‘Post Project’ button. 

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